BOA EXTREME FITNESS EXERCISE CARDS are exercise cards that can be used anywhere and at anytime without the need of any fitness equipment. On the go workouts! This traveling fitness program makes exercising easy and lots of fun. BOA EXTREME FITNESS EXERCISE CARDS allow you to exercise wherever you may be. BOA EXTREME FITNESS EXERCISE CARDS are easy to carry and convenient to store away. The exercise cards are as light as a deck of poker cards and have the durability of playing cards. Create hundreds of ever-changing workouts by shuffling the cards and randomly picking a exercise.

BOA EXTREME FITNESS EXERCISE CARDS are a set of 52 playing cards containing pictured models and instructions demonstrating a variety of many different stretches, movements, and exercises. The BOA EXTREME FITNESS EXERCISE CARDS turn exercising into a game. You have no reason to live with unwanted weight. Help reduce your chances of getting diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Exercise is one of the key factors towards good health and the BOA EXTREME FITNESS EXERCISE CARDS can help you towards that goal. No trainer needed. No equipment needed. Mix and match various cards and create a one-of-a kind exercise program. Changing your levels from Rookie to Pro will keep routines fresh and help you get in shape faster and stay in shape longer. Join the millions of people taking control of their body by using our exercise cards.

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How To Acquire A Full Body Workout With Exercise Cards

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The BOA EXTREME FITNESS experts have specially designed 52 exercise playing cards that will literally transform your old, mundane exercise program into a stimulating routine. Each card contains detailed instructions that show you exactly what to do to complete a specific stretch, movement, or exercise. A corresponding picture is also included on each card. These playing cards target all major muscles area in the body, including the arms, shoulders, upper body, stomach, legs, back and lower body. Each card also includes two fitness levels, including the Rookie Level and the Pro Level. You can start at the Rookie Level and easily transfer to the Pro Level as your fitness level improves. Each day you can create a new exercise routine to complete. You just need to shuffle all 52 exercise cards and then choose as many cards as you want to include in your exercise plan. The best things about these cards is that it will allow you to target different muscle groups in the body every day. This is a very important aspect that is left out of many fitness plans because any exercise routine that is repeating consistently can cause the body to plateau and stop being effective. These Boa Extreme Exercise Cards provide a complete, well-rounded fitness routine that will strengthen and tone your entire body. Never again will you need to workout to those boring exercise videos, head out to one of the local fitness clubs, take an aerobic exercises class, or worry about purchasing expensive exercise equipment. Our exercise cards can be used anywhere and at any time without the need of any special fitness equipment. They are even small enough to take with you on the go, and the cards fit easily into your luggage if you are going out of town. The exercises on these cards are safe to use every day, and you should try to complete a full routine that includes several cards at least three to four times per week for the best fitness results. Looking for a little more equipment to help with your workout ? Check out the BOA EXTREME STORE

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